Exhibitions areas

As a combination of trade fair and congress, it provides exhibitors and visitors valuable impulses for their work. In four exhibition areas, institutions and companies from all relevant segments of the culture market present new products, solutions and concepts revolving around exhibiting, restoration and cultural heritage.

Cultural Heritage


Carrying history further
Which methods and technologies are best suited for the preservation of cultural heritage? What are the best approaches for the preservation and restoration of works of art, heritage buildings and other exhibition ob-jects of past eras, but also of today? What new concepts are there for presentations with public appeal? Or-ganisations and associations present best practice models from all areas involving the preservation and pre-sentation of cultural heritage and monuments in the exhibition area "Cultural Heritage".



Preserving the unique
What new techniques are there for securing heritage buildings and works of art even better for future gene-rations? What has proven itself in practice over a longer period – and what hasn't? How can digital techno-logies help, for example, with surveying? Providers present products and solutions revolving around the restoration and preservation of heritage buildings and works of art in the exhibition area "Preservation". In the accompanying trade programme, experts present and discuss new approaches.

Awaken enthusiasm


Awaken enthusiasm
Can one plan blockbusters? How can works of art, but also buildings be presented with public appeal? What technologies and methods help to make an exhibition more approachable for its respective target groups? What new concepts of visitor orientation exist, for example, via smartphone? How can the visitor experience be enhanced with lighting systems or laser technologies? Providers show new concepts for exhi-bition design and organisations present best practice examples in the exhibition area "Museum".

Staging through video, interactive media and scenography.

Staging experiences
How do "virtual reality" and "augmented reality" applications allow completely new visitor experiences? How can virtual online exhibitions sensibly complement a real visit to a museum? How can a facade be staged so as to already draw attention to the building and the exhibition from a distance? What does an entrance area look like that magnetically attracts visitors to the exhibition? What didactic concepts, what forms of presentation best speak to which target groups? How can performances and installations be sensibly integrated? Agencies and organisations present best cases, innovations and visions for sta-ging through video, interactive media and scenography.