Your individual e-mail signature for the EXPONATEC 2017

You can attach the e-mail footer graphic as small but attention-getting reminders to each of your customer e-mails with your individual hall and stand information.

Simply enter your details in the corresponding fields. Your individual e-mail footer graphic then appears and can be downloaded.



Short description for the integration of the graphic in your signature

Example for Microsoft Outlook 2010

In the Outlook menu under "File" / "options" / "E-mail" / "Signatures" you have the option to integrate the e-mail signature in your e-mails under the menu item "Edit signature" and "Insert graphic". First select the location in the signature with the cursor where the e-mail signature is to be placed.

Please make sure that you have selected "HTML" under "File" / "Options" / "E-Mail" / "Write messages"