Image Database

We offer all journalists access to the Koelnmesse image database as a media service. Our image database gives you access to current photo material on EXPONATEC. In addition, the image database contains Koelnmesse-related images, portrait photos, and views of Cologne - all which can be downloaded with a mouse click.

Reproduction of the images in connection with a report on EXPONATEC is royalty free. Please use the picture credit and copyright note "Photograph:Koelnmesse". Please send us a voucher copy and/or a link to an online posting.

You can choose from the following photo themes and download the images in ready-to-print quality:

City of Cologne

Terms of use

Each displayed page contains several images with file information. Each image comes with a description that you can copy should you require it as well as an option to download it. You can browse to the various pages using the arrows displayed. You can download the respective image by clicking on the download button. The download is an A4-format JPG file approximately 2-3 MB in size.