Cologne: 20.–22.11.2019


Order of admission ticket vouchers

Order your admission ticket vouchers easy here. Invite your customers to the EXPONATEC COLOGNE and get that extra bit of attention!

As part of the Marketing Package, you will receive an unlimited number of admission ticket vouchers. In addition to the vouchers included in the package, you can order as many extra admission ticket vouchers as you like.

Before you send the admission ticket vouchers/voucher codes to your customers, make a note of the serial numbers. We will send you a list of the vouchers redeemed along with your invoice. This will make it easy for you to find out which customers have made use of your vouchers.

Please note that we will not return original vouchers to you.

Printed admission ticket vouchers season ticket

Ticket vouchers are the perfect tool for inviting customers and other interested people personally or by mail. On your request the vouchers are printed, at extra charge, with your company name and the hallway, corridor and your booth number. Your customers will know where to find you. Tips on redeeming your voucher

Please fill in "0" if you do not need this voucher.

Admission ticket voucher codes season ticket

The easy-made invitation: you receive an Excel file with voucher codes and serial numbers as well as a pdf with the most important information for your customers. You can then send the voucher code as well as the details concerning the redeeming of the voucher conveniently to your customers. Order the voucher codes directly here. Tips on redeeming your voucher

Please fill in "0" if you do not need this voucher.
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